Biden Afghanistan Marines

#residentBiden #13MarinesDiedInAfghanistan #DerelictionOfDuty

Climate Crisis MYTH

#ClimateCrisisMYTH of scientists say politics and journalistic frenzy has propelled doomsday climate change hysteria. The signatories also ask other scientists to “address uncertainties and exaggerations

Chicago Crime

#ChicagoCRIME of the attacks happened in broad daylight

Raskin Squad Anti-semites Israel

Now do the #RacistSquad“Israel has hypnotized the world” declared her hope that Allah will “awaken people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

Jill Biden Dresses Tablecloth

#FakeDoctorJill #InteriorDecorator after going live, the comment section of the post was flooded with criticism from fashion haters comparing Dr Biden’s dress to upholstery.

Biden Maui No Comment Welcome

#residentBiden was welcomed in the island state with chants of protest and signs that read “no comment”

Biden Maui

residentBiden #EmpathyFAIL went four days without talking about the Maui fires offered a stony-hearted “no comment” Sunday when asked about the mounting death toll

Biden Pseudonym

#residentBiden House Oversight Committee says that President Joe Biden used the pseudonym “Robert L. Peters” when he was vice president.

Georgia Trump Indictment

“Georgia court publishes then removes docket of charges against Donald Trump” document was apparently posted by mistake because the grand jury is still seated and