Snopes founder David Mikkelson’s new wife Elyssa Young employed by Snopes as an administrator
She has worked as an escort and porn actress and despite claims Snopes is non-political ran as Libertarian for Congress on ‘Dump Bush’ platform

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Does #FakeNewsMediaUndermineAMERICA? YES!!

Is #FifthColumnPropagandaPressTRAITOROUS? YES !!


If fighting #ChineseCoronaVirus is like World War III then is the #AntiAmericanLyingPress guilty of #TREASON ??

AT&T owns CNN
You can call the AT&T headquarters at 1-210-821-4105
Disney owns ABC
You can call Disney HQ at: 818-560-1000


NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd has a wife who’s active in Democratic Party strategic communications, and sometimes donates to Democrats. In 2012, Kristian Denny Todd contributed $2,500 to Sen. Tim Kaine. Todd never felt any need to disclose this during his three recent Kaine interviews on NBC (August 7, September 18, and October 23).

BIG LIE (German:große Lüge) propaganda technique. Coined by Adolf Hitler,in 1925 book Mein Kampf, about use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have impudence to distort the truth so infamously”

A young blogger, Ezra Klein, formerly of the avowedly left-wing American Prospect and now with the avowedly mainstream Washington Post, founded the e-mail listserv JournoList for like-minded liberals to hash out and develop ideas. Some 400 people joined the by-invitation-only group. Most, it seems, were in the media, but many hailed from academia, think tanks, and the world of forthright liberal activism generally. They spoke freely about their political and personal biases, including their hatred of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.

In 2008, participants shared talking points about how to shape coverage to help Obama. They tried to paint any negative coverage of Obama’s racist and hateful pastor, Jeremiah Wright, as out of bounds. Journalists at such “objective” news organizations as Newsweek, Bloomberg, Time, and The Economist joined conversations with open partisans about the best way to criticize Sarah Palin.

A prominent CNN commentator, the top two political reporters for The Huffington Post, a Reuters reporter, the editor of The Nation magazine, a producer for Al Jazeera America television, a U.S. News & World Report columnist, and approximately two dozen Huffington Post contributors are among the more than 1,000 members of Gamechanger Salon. Founded by leftwing activist Billy Wimsatt, the group is a secretive digital gathering of writers, opinion leaders, activists and political hands who share information, ideas and strategy via a closed Google group.

The group’s existence was discovered by Media Trackers through an open records request filed with a University of Wisconsin professor who happened to be a member of the network.