“Absentee ballots remain largest source of potential voter fraud” That quote isn’t from President Trump. It’s bipartisan 2005 report of Commission on Federal Election Reform,chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker


If a football team has possession of the ball for 60% of the game, but the other team scores more points– guess who wins?
Democrats obsessed by meaningless, manipulated statistics (ignoring vote fraud, CA unconstitutional “jungle primary”)

South Africa’s constitution, which was signed into law by Mandela after his historic 1994 election as president, “supports a rigorous election integrity process far more stringent that anything GOP lawmakers have proposed in Wisconsin.”

Unlike in the United States, South Africans also have to produce one of the official forms of ID when they are registering to vote, the complete opposite of the honor system for registration in the United States. There is no online registration, something that a number of U.S. states have now implemented; no same day registration as in Wisconsin; and no mail-in registration as mandated by the federal National Voter Registration Act either.